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150 years later, I stand sure-footed in Dinétah. Hooghanłaní nishli. Ancestor of the People who trek high desert mesas and mountains of northwest NM. My clan relatives survived genocide, we perpetually find balance, and happiness amidst the chaos of colonization. As an artist I consciously and carefully create dialogue sprinkled with neo-ancestral narrative of our Diné sacred cultural history of Nahasaan Nihimá. This image captured at my family’s homeland at Dziłnaodiłthle concerns Dolii all resting at my feet; each symbolizing prayer, healing, faith, love- all for the good of the People in the 4th World.
Bio: As a modern Indigenous artist Venaya Yazzie's intentions are to perpetuate the continuous existence of her People's diverse ways of life, the Indigenous epistemology in the 21st century. She strives to reclaim the Indigenous stories of her desert people via her art, poetry and photography.