As a documentary photographer, I use my camera's lens to increase awareness, understanding and compassion across physical and social barriers.

Although I have called many places home, I was born in the deserts of Arizona and those are the are landscapes that still sing to my soul. I have spent many seasons alternating work between the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the top of the San Francisco Peaks (the highest mountains in Arizona). After years as a backcountry ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, I currently work in the conservation of native fish, vegetation and water resources in the desert southwest.  Grand Canyon remains an inspiration and a muse.  

I dedicated years to working in international development and relief before concentrating on photography. I spent over two years in the Dominican Republic working in environmental health and womens' health and empowerment, worked with indigenous mid-wives in Guatemala, and in medical relief on the border of Haiti immediately after the devastating 2010 earthquake. These experiences have had a profound affect on me and compelled me to make images in the belief that all human beings deserve the right to honesty, justice, dignity and creativity.

My photography has enabled me to work on numerous international projects to benefit development and relief organizations in the Caribbean and East Africa. I currently work as a photographer for the Mariposa Foundation that helps to educate and empower adolescent girls living in extreme poverty in Dominican Republic.

Photography can impassion a wide audience of people by sharing the hidden story behind issues that I advocate-- be it health, the environment, gender equality or social justice. I am honored to use my art as a tool in social change. 


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