'Becoming Visible' is a selection of images from the project Identidad. Idantite. Identity. which aims to bring to light the current situation of those of Haitian descent living in Dominican Republic as well as those who have been displaced to 'deportee camps' on the Haitian side of the border. It follows individuals whose citizenship has been denied or revoked by changes in Dominican law-- those who have endured discrimination, marginalization and violence due to their heritage. It dignifies and connects these individuals, through the art of photography, to others around the globe.

Amy S. Martin

As a photographer I use my lens to increase awareness, understanding and compassion across physical and social barriers. I believe that sharing dignified images and stories can breakdown fear and discrimination of those that are deemed 'different' by portraying marginalized individuals and communities in a familiar light that reveals the unity of our universal human experience. I stand behind the belief that images can facilitate connection and represent our similarities as human beings rather than our differences. This connection cultivates empathy and, thus, has the power to influence policy and be a basis for profound change.
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