Identitdad. Idantite. Identity. is a collection of portraits taken in five communities in the southern region of Dominican Republic to bring attention to statelessness and denial of rights due to the current dominican citizenship law. To protect the individuals, communities and organizations that I worked with, I am not providing names or locations and will kept their stories separate from the portraits. The images that you see in this album are of individuals affected by the legislation in many different ways. Some may have their citizenship papers, but not their children. Some children might have their papers, but not their parents. Some are fighting for the rights of those in their communities. Some have been born in the Dominican Republic, and their grandparents and parents as well, but still have not been able to get their papers due to the barriers in place.
Thank you, as the audience, for being an important part of this project. Your participation is the connection that helps give those denied a country an affirmation of individual and community identity.
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