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Called the 'canary in the coal mine' by climate scientists, the disintegrating ice-shelves and calving glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula are releasing more and larger icebergs into the surrounding seas each year, with 2017 setting records. Antarctica contains ¾ of all the ice on earth, and with temperatures in some areas increasing more than twice the global average, ice-melt is increasing global sea levels with an alarming trajectory. The changes in water temperature and chemistry are already contributing to devastating effects on sea life in the area.
The haunting beauty of the ice, in every stage of decomposition, reminds us of the ominous shifting in the vital signs of the planet.
This collection of images, created in the dark and dreamlike seascape of the Antarctic Peninsula in December 2017, tells the story of human-driven climate change and provides a visual connection to what can be a perceptively invisible global issue.