Stateless in Hispaniola is part of my "Identidad. Idantite. Identity." project funded by Kickstarter to bring awareness to statelessness in Hispaniola through the art of photography. Collected here are portraits, images and stories from thirty interviews from six communities in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. This collection aims to put a face and a voice to those who have been affected by the recent dominican laws that barred and revoked citizenship of those born within the country. Although I am sharing faces of those affected, I am keeping identities and places anonymous due to fear of discrimination and safety of the subjects. The images and stories that you will find in this album are from those both with and without citizenship-- but each has been affected by the laws in different ways.
Connection, knowledge and compassion, when shared widely, can lead to understanding and change.

Please share these stories to raise awareness of these individuals and communities. This story has been suppressed and under-reported and the faces you connect to here could be in danger of deportation and/or split from their families.

Thank you!
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